DENVER, COLORADO - AUGUST 30, 2019: The entrance to a Whole Foods Market in downtown Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

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You've Been Buying The Wrong Coffee At Whole Foods
It may seem like a good idea to buy the cheapest coffee available for your daily consumption, especially when you’re shopping at Whole Foods. But before you grab their pre-ground 365 house blend, Roasty Coffee suggests other local coffee brands at Whole Foods that taste better instead.
Out of the 11 javas on Roasty Coffee’s list to buy before the 365 house blend, three are Allegro varieties alone — the Organic Continental Blend ranks high for its earthy, chocolatey tones, while the Kenyan Grand Cru and Organic Mexico La Corona De Chiapas are single-origin beans.
Another highly-recommended brand on the list is Sightglass Coffee Blueboon Blend — recommended for its unique flavors of honeysuckle and citrus, and company transparency. So, the next time you're buying coffee at Whole Foods, try the finer, transparent blends or single-origin varieties.