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You Should Never Remove The Knobs On Your Oven. Here's Why
Though there are many safe methods for properly cleaning your oven, there is one that you should absolutely never do. Do not remove the oven's knobs while deep-cleaning it, as the knobs are connected to the oven's control system, so electrocution can occur when they're removed and scrubbed.
Instead, you can spray them each with vinegar, let the vinegar sit for around 30 seconds, then rinse and dry the knobs. The knobs, arguably the dirtiest part of the oven (they are interacted with often, which leads to germs spreading throughout the household), should be cleaned regularly.
If a knob breaks and has to be removed and replaced, it's important to read your oven's owner's manual to ensure safety in the process. In some cases — in place of full removal — cracked plastic or a split knob can be glued back together.