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Wild Vs Normal Blueberries: What's The Distinction?
You may not have realized it, but wild blueberries in the frozen section are a distinct variety of berries with their own characteristics that deviate from regular blueberries.
Wild blueberries are a “lowbush” fruit that doesn’t grow on plants taller than 2 feet. Their plants were not cultivated by humans, they instead grow in colder areas like Maine.
Wild blueberries are smaller than traditional blueberries, which means they have less water content and a stronger flavor. They also contain more antioxidants and anthocyanins.
Unlike wild blueberries, traditional blueberries are in the produce section of a market and are often planted by humans on highbush plants that reach 8 feet tall.
Traditional blueberries thrive in more temperate, sunny climates. While they have their differences, both blueberries taste great in homemade blueberry pies.