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Why You Should Use Oil-Packed Tuna For Your Tuna Salad

According to Steve Cook of the Philadelphia restaurant Zahav, water-packed tuna leads to a dry salad, whereas oil-packed tuna retains the rich texture of confited protein. Healthwise, although water-packed tuna retains more omega-3 fats, oil-packed tuna is significantly higher in vitamin D.

Celebrity chefs like Ina Garten and Chris Cosentino also use oil-packed tuna for its moistness and flavor. Kitchen expert Daniel Gritzer, however, recommends using ventresca, a fatty tuna belly cut, for an incomparable texture, while Cook suggests adding other oily fish, like sardines, for an extra punch.

Upgrade your tuna salad by swapping out the mayo for Greek yogurt, Dijon mustard, or avocado, and sautée the tuna in garlic and olive oil for more flavor. Adding hard-boiled eggs, potatoes, croutons, or pasta helps absorb any excess moisture, while multigrain or sourdough slices work best when it comes to bread.