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Why You Should Never Eat An Overcooked Egg
While boiling eggs gets rid of bacteria like Salmonella, overcooking them, however, makes the sulfur in the egg whites react with the iron in the yolk to form high levels of iron sulfide. This is what gives the eggs a shade of green that can potentially poison anyone who eats them.
To avoid possible poisoning and pungent, sulfurous odors, make sure not to overcook your eggs. Although the exact time for cooking hard-boiled eggs varies per person, it's generally recommended to boil them for 12 minutes and then let them rest in hot water for a further 15 minutes.
Alternatively, you can try helpful tricks to check the doneness of your eggs, like this one from PA Eats — if you want to know if an egg is still raw or hard-boiled, just roll it. The hard-boiled egg will spin easily, while the raw one will wobble due to any uncooked, shifting liquids in the shell.