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Why You Might Want To Think Twice About Ordering Culver's Cheese Curds

While California has In-n-Out Burger, and Texas has Whataburger, Wisconsin has its bucket list-worthy regional fast-food chain: Culver's. Best known for original ButterBurgers and frozen custard, Culver's has also become famous for its deep-fried cheese curds.

Cheese curds are a byproduct of the cheddar-making process. All of the cheese for Culver's deep-fried cheese curds, which it started serving in 1997, comes from La Grander Hillside Dairy in Stanley, Wisconsin.

The item is so popular that Culver’s even invented a national holiday every October 15th to celebrate — “National Cheese Curd Day.” However, this fan-favorite is not a healthy option, as a large basket contains a whopping 1,020 calories and packs 2,460 milligrams of sodium.

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