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Why Trader Joe's Shoppers Are In An Uproar Over Its Mini Beef Tacos

If you're feeling too lazy to drive to a taco joint, Trader Joe's Mini Beef Tacos are a good way to satisfy your craving — or maybe not. These seemingly inoffensive frozen tacos triggered a heated response on the r/traderjoes subreddit after user "Sregtur" posted a picture of their purchase, titling the thread, "Shame on you for even calling it a taco TJ's."

u/Sregtur's photo shows a pretty sad-looking empty taco shell next to a sliver of gray beef, and other users lamented the Mini Beef Tacos' decrease in quality since the last time they were available. One Redditor commented, "Half the ones I had were nothing but tortilla," while other users speculated that TJ's switched manufacturers for the tacos.

"The previous manufacturer was way better," one user wrote. "These ones are so tough, you could break a tooth on them." An Instagram post by traderjoeslist about the tacos prompted a similar response in the comments section; while taste is subjective, these dissatisfied TJ's shoppers probably have a good reason to make their displeasure known.