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Why TikTok Is Grossed Out By A Food Network Brownie Recipe

Food Network recently posted a video on their TikTok channel that grossed viewers out. In the video, a pair of hands with long, neon yellow acrylic nails can be seen handling ingredients like sugar, flour, and butter, with an overlay text of, "Pov: billie eilish is craving brownies."

The person in the TikTok clip uses their bare hands and nails as tools for every step of food prep. From mixing the eggs to swirling the batter, and concluding with them cheekily donning a pair of oven mitts that have been adorned with their own neon tips to remove the brownies from the oven.

While it seems Food Network posted the video as a joke, many viewers were still not having it, writing comments like "nope" and "this was a traumatic experience." Nevertheless, some people couldn't help but find the video hilarious, with one user noting, "It's even funnier cause this is food network."