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Why The Internet Isn't Impressed With Taco Bell's New Mexican Pizza

Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza was the chain's answer to competing pizza joints, and it was a major fan favorite. Taco Bell pulled the Mexican Pizza from the menu in 2020, but it came back on May 19 — albeit with its share of critics.

Some people are finding the newly returned Mexican Pizza underwhelming, and they’ve been taking to Twitter to share their opinions. Some complain about the shell's saltiness and "weird aftertaste," while others suspect that the shell is less "greasy" and crispy than the original.

Colette Bennett of TheStreet, a self-described "Mexican Pizza devotee," agreed that the relaunched menu item's shell is duller and more floury than the original. YouTuber TheReportofTheWeek also called out the dish's "cracker-esque" shell, "dry, bland" refried beans, and lack of spice in a video titled "Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza is a MESS."