Outside of a Costco store


Why Some People Don't Let Costco Employees Look At Their Receipts
If you’ve shopped at Costco, you’ve likely encountered a receipt checker. Their routine involves checking receipts at the exit to ensure that customers have paid for everything.
Most shoppers leave with nothing more than a smile and wave, but one furious former Costco shopper on TikTok refuses to let any employee check their receipt, no matter which store.
The shopper stopped showing receipts years ago since the employees used permanent markers. This made it hard to scan their receipts into the Net Annual Savings software.
The software is used to track purchases and savings for tax and documentation purposes. Still, most people didn’t agree with the TikToker because there are ways around the issue.
Most shoppers don’t tend to take issue with receipt checkers in the first place, but receipt scanning software could serve as a valuable resource for some.