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Why Is It Cake? Fans Think One Contestant 'Cheated'


On the first episode of Netflix’s “Is It Cake?,” contestant Jonny Manganello garnished a plate of real tacos with cake cherry tomatoes to fool the judges into thinking his cake tacos were genuine instead. Although Manganello received no reprimand, fans think he cheated.

Many fans on Twitter reacted negatively to Manganello’s move, with one user alleging “Jonny cheated by putting his fake tomatoes into the decoy cakes." Another person also asked, “Why didn’t anyone [on the show] say anything?”

As it turns out, the camera people, producers, and editors of the show had seen Manganello’s trick. Since everyone in the production team decided Manganello’s action was not a serious infraction, it shows that technically he was not cheating, irrespective of how some fans feel.

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