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Why Does Tuna Salad Taste Different From The Deli?

Tuna salad was created in the 1800s during economic tough times, where people mixed bits of meat and veggies with mayo and put it on a lettuce leaf. Once women joined the workforce, restaurants began serving it on bread to be eaten for lunch or on the go, and thus the tuna salad sandwich was born.

Per The Practical Kitchen, the reason deli tuna salad tastes so different is because it is kept a night or two in the fridge, where "the flavors have time to meld together. The mayo and seasonings absorb into those individual components — the celery, in particular — creating a more cohesive tuna salad experience."

You can improve your homemade tuna salad with crunchy ingredients — like chopped apple, toasted sesame seeds, bacon, nuts, or even fried capers — to break up the soft texture. You can also spice it up with ingredients like Dijon mustard, sriracha, tabasco, hummus, Greek yogurt, salsa, soy sauce, raisins, lemon zest, or avocado.