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Who Is The Woman In The Wendy's Baconator Commercials?
Kathryn Feeney has become known as the face of Wendy's commercials since 2020, starring alongside athletes like Reggie Miller and Reggie Bush.
If Feeney seems like a natural as a fast food worker, it's because she played one before. She was Katie, a waitress, on the Netflix sitcom "Mr. Iglesias."
Feeney also appeared on episodes of "Mixology," "Pads," and "Jest Originals." These days, she's making a name for herself as the Wendy's Baconator Girl.
Her first ad was filmed with Reggie Miller in Spring 2020. Feeney thought it wouldn't air due to the COVID-19 lockdown, but she earned a fanbase when it did.
Aside from her acting roles, Feeney is also a writer and director. If these talents weren't enough to impress you, she graduated from Loyola Law School in 2021.