a cup of coffee with nespresso pods


Which Nespresso Coffee Pod Has The Most Caffeine?
The Nespresso website explains that while most coffee pods have a similar caffeine level, those meant for higher-volume drinks have more in their capsules.
Nespresso's Carafe Pour-Over Style has a higher caffeine content than other pods. It contains over 200mg of caffeine per capsule — a double shot has 58 to 185 milligrams.
An espresso pod typically contains between 50 and 100 milligrams of caffeine. Avoid pour-over pods if you don't want a drink with high liquid volumes.
An exception to the 50 and 100-milligram caffeine rule is Nespresso's Vertuo coffees, which contain 170 to 200 milligrams and are best served as 2.7-ounce double shots.