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What Makes The U.S. Army's Official Pumpkin Pie Recipe Unique


When military reporter Haley Britzky decided to use the U.S. Army’s official recipe to bake her first pumpkin pie, she found the recipe calls for over a gallon of canned pumpkin to make 13 pies. Britzky turned to Twitter to get help on how to scale the ingredients down for one pie.

Although one of Britzky’s Twitter followers helped her scale down the recipe, Britzky soon realized that scaling is a tricky process in baking. Per King Arthur Flour, the math for scaling down is easier to do if the ingredients are measured by weight using a kitchen scale.

Since measuring 1-¼ eggs was difficult, Britzky winged it and opted for two eggs and some extra pumpkin. Despite her initial worry at the resulting watery filling, Britzky’s scaled-down U.S. Army pumpkin pie turned out, as she quite simply put it, “good."

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