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What Hell's Kitchen Winner Dave Levey Is
Doing Now
“Hell’s Kitchen” Season 6 contestant Dave Levey walked home as the winner of the season with the grand prize of $250,000 and a chance to be a part of Araxi Restaurant & Bar in Whistler, British Columbia. Winning the show was a dream, and Levey was in shock when it happened, but he was in for a bit of disappointment.
Levey had originally thought that he would be working as a head chef at Araxi Restaurant & Bar, but he learned that he'd be a line cook instead. This didn't go over well with him, and he chose to eventually let go of the position after working there for a year, heading to his hometown, Chester, N.J.
Levey is not very active on social media but occasionally posts pictures of food on his Instagram, like a delicious roasted tomato shiitake flatbread. It’s believed that he works at Mara's Café & Bakery in Denville, N.J., and has been thriving as a baker there. Levey is someone who is always up for new experiences, including hiking the Appalachian Trail.