A glass of Orange Julius.

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What Happened To The Original Orange Julius Drinks?

Orange Julius was created by Julius Freed for his LA food stand in 1926, and was made of orange juice, sweetener, milk, powdered egg whites, vanilla flavoring, and ice.

Bill Hamlin, Freed's real estate broker, bought the concept and began franchising the stores. Hamlin's influence played a key role in the expansion of and changes to the drink.

Orange Julius was sold to International Industries in 1967 and then to Dairy Queen in 1987, which began the brand’s decline due in part to a move towards artificial ingredients.

According to food writer Rachel Wharton, instead of fresh oranges, the drink is now made with a "scoop of powder from a tub, a glug from a box of juice, and a whiz in a blender."

The focus on oranges also diverted in 2013 with the introduction of new flavors like Berry-Pom, Mango Pineapple, Strawberry Banana, Pina Colada, and more.

While many people have heard of Orange Julius, not many enjoy it. The brand is still present in the minds of Americans, but does not hold the same special space it once had.