A mascot of XXXX beer.


What Exactly Is XXXX Beer And How Does It Taste?
A beer bottle with four Xs on it might seem like a bootleg of Mexico’s Dos Equis, but it could also be XXXX, one of Australia’s most popular beers.
Known for its bitter but slightly sweet flavor and smoothness, XXXX Gold was named the nation's third best-selling beer in 2022 by IRI Australia.
Castlemaine Brewery first brewed it in the late 19th century, and the Xs in its branding represent the ratings and recognition it received for its quality and strength.
Two of XXXX's beers — the Bitter and Gold varieties — are brewed without preservatives and contain hops, malted grains, cane sugar, yeast, and water.
In 2020, XXXX introduced XXXX dry and a line of Summer Bright lagers available in mango, lime, and raspberry lemonade, as well as a standard beer-flavored product.
XXXX also offers a nonalcoholic beer called "XXXX Zero," touted as the nation's first 0% ABV beer to also be entirely carbon-free.
Unfortunately, if you want to get your hands on XXXX beers, you will have to fly to Australia because none of its beer is imported overseas.