A Wendy's restaurant in the evening

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We Finally Know Why The Wendy's Sunrooms Vanished
Back in the 1980s, as explained by a New York Times article, the style Wendy’s wanted to emulate with its iconic sunrooms was "wood fronts, lots of glass... the feeling of eating on a country porch." However, trends changed, and to make matters worse, those sunrooms weren’t ideal for outlets located in hot or cold climates.
As is usually the case in the world of business, the decision of whether or not to keep Wendy's sunrooms came down to money. While these sunrooms did go out of style, architect Ray Caliendo explained to MEL Magazine that these airy rooms, illuminated with natural lighting, were also simply "inefficient" in terms of energy.
Redditors agreed that the sunrooms could be uncomfortable, with one noting that the sunroom attached to their own house “is 35 degrees in the winter and 95 in the summer." With a huge heating bill in the winter and a massive air conditioning bill in the summer, it seems that the Wendy’s sunrooms just weren’t worth it.