Snack items on grocery shelves


US Foods You Won't Be Able To Find In Canada
Little Debbie
If Little Debbie had a choice, it would offer its snack cakes in Canada, but the sole distributor pulled out in 2022, and they aren't looking for a replacement.
People have been begging Uncrustables to come to Canada for years, but Uncrustables just replies that it will pass along the message to the powers that be.
A&W Cream Soda
A frosty mug of A&W Root Beer is a staple in both U.S. and Canadian restaurants, but the Canadian A&W company doesn't sell Cream Soda.
What started out looking like a Bugle shortage turned into something even worse in 2022, when Bugles were completely discontinued in Canada.
Doritos Light
Canada has banned several chemicals, like Olestra, an artificial trans fat that the FDA approved for U.S. snacks and is in Doritos Light.