Guy Fieri smiling


Tragic Details Surrounding Guy Fieri
Thrown Off Horse
Guy Fieri's tragedies started when he was ten and was bucked off a horse and trampled, injuring his heart and tearing a ligament off of his liver.
His parents were away, and it took a court order to be allowed to have the emergency, life-saving surgery. He still has a scar from the incident that starts at his navel.
Fatal Crash
When he was 19, Fieri was drinking with a group he didn’t know well. The cops chased them, resulting in a fatal crash, and Fieri awoke handcuffed to a hospital bed.
The friends all knew each other from the military so they decided to save their buddy from prosecution by saying that Fieri had been the driver. Luckily, he escaped incarceration.
His Sister’s Cancer
In February 2011, Guy's sister, Morgan Fieri, died from metastatic melanoma. She first had cancer when she was four years old, but had gotten better.
The cancer later returned, and she died at the age of 38. Fieri and his wife helped to raise Morgan's son, Jules, who has since grown up and is in the music business.
That same year, Fieri's show, "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" was embroiled in a nasty lawsuit when the producer, David Page, sued Food Network after they tried to replace him.
Page accused Fieri of canceling shoots and not responding to correspondence to make Page look bad and get him kicked off the show, but emails proved differently.
Character Attacks
After his dismissal, Page spoke to City Pages in an attempt to discredit Fieri’s reputation by accusing him of being lewd, homophobic, and anti-Semitic.
Page also claimed that Fieri would make sexual comments when women mentioned cream and constantly looked at women's breasts instead of their faces.