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Trader Joe's Is Discontinuing Its Version Of Takis And Reddit Is In Shambles
No Trader Joe’s fan ever wants a product they love to vanish from their local store's shelves, especially if it's a TJ's-brand item that isn't sold anywhere else. Unfortunately, the popular grocery chain may have discontinued a fan-favorite, store-brand snack, and users on the r/TraderJoes subreddit aren't happy.
On August 17, 2022, u/RiceNachos posted a photo of a "soon to be discontinued" sticker under a bag of Chili and Lime Flavored Trader Joe’s Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips, better known as "Trader Joe’s Takis." The snack has reportedly been "temporarily out of stock" for several months, and only sparsely available on shelves across America.
However, u/CookieButterLovers commented that discontinuation dates vary from store to store. Some TJ's locations may have discontinued the "Takis," but still have them in stock, while other stores may take longer to phase the snacks out, if they do so at all, meaning shoppers have a little more time to build up an emergency stash.