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To Prevent Butter Splatter, Don't Throw Away The Wrapper
When it comes to melting butter, there are many ways to keep it from exploding in the microwave — like microwaving it in small increments, using a splatter cover, or covering the dish with a napkin. However, if none of these options seem feasible, try using the butter wrapper as a shield to prevent the spread from splashing beyond the dish.
You can open the wrapper and place it on top of your bowl with the butter in it or throw the entire stick of butter in the bowl without unwrapping it and leave it on as you melt the spread. To avoid making a mess as you move the wrapper to the trash can, hold the dish, your hand, or a napkin under the wrapper to catch any butter drippings.
Most butter wrappers are made of microwave-safe, paraffin-based paper designed to resist grease and moisture, but make sure you’re not placing the wrapper in the microwave if it’s made of aluminum. It's easy to tell the difference between the two; paraffin-based wrappers are slightly transparent, unlike the ones made of aluminum.