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TikTok Is Not Surprised By This Walmart Bakery 'Truth'

In a new TikTok video, a now-ex-Walmart employee named Jeremy went behind the scenes at a Walmart bakery to share what he thought was a shocking truth. In the video, Jeremy showed that Walmart’s cakes, cookies, and pastries come frozen and already decorated.

A lot of viewers responded to the video by saying that they were already aware of this fact, with some adding that frozen, pre-baked goods were very common among other stores too. For the most part, people seem to enjoy the taste of Walmart’s baked goods and don’t mind them being frozen.

Contrary to Jeremy’s video, other employees who work in Walmart bakeries shared that they have done some decorating in-store. While it might be true that Walmart’s cakes come frozen and pre-decorated, they also will customize them exactly to your specifications.

In this particular situation, though, a special nod must be given to Costco for whipping up their popular cakes in-house, albeit with a mix. Additionally, many of Costco’s breads and some of their pies are made in-house from scratch.

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