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TikTok Had No Idea That Funyuns Lack A Seemingly Obvious Ingredient
Invented in 1969 by Frito-Lay employee George Bigner, Funyuns — a cross between onion rings and chips — hold a rather polarizing spot in the world of popcorn, pretzels, and potato chips. While some people love them, some despise them — but, there's something that you, along with a certain group of people on TikTok, may not know.
Funyuns aren’t really made with onions — they are basically cornmeal mix molded and baked into onion ring shapes, before being covered in an onion and salt powder — meaning they are nothing but "onion-flavored rings." This fact shocked several people when a recent TikTok from the Food Network went into detail about the Funyuns creation process.
One TikToker wrote, "So $2.89 for a small bag of corn meal and seasoning," with another stating, "Hold up. I thought these were made with some sort of onion. Lord." While many people, who already knew this fact, commented about their fond childhood memories of eating Funyuns, some made snide comments that Lay's was charging too much for Funyuns and air.