"Clio, Michigan, USA - March 7, 2012: The Wendy's location in Clio, Michigan. Founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas, Wendy's is a chain of fast food restaurants with over 6,600 locations in the US and abroad."

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This Secret Ingredient Is What Gives Wendy's
Chili Its Characteristic Flavor
With classic American fast food staples like "fresh never frozen" burgers, fried chicken, and breakfast sandwiches on its menu, Wendy's may not have the most unique menu. However, the item that sets Wendy's apart from other chains with similar menus is its chili, which includes a secret ingredient that keeps customers coming back for more.
In addition to red and pink kidney beans, Wendy's chili employs onion, celery, green peppers, tomato, ground beef, and an ingredient that brings the dish to life. Sugar may not typically be associated with chili, but Wendy's adds sugar to its chili sauce seasoning alongside other seasonings like salt, dried chilis, and an assortment of spices.
You may be hesitant about adding sugar to your chili, but sugar does add another layer of flavor to meat dishes, as it helps brown the protein for a caramelized finish. When it comes to chili, sugar confronts the naturally occurring acidity in tomatoes, giving the dish a more balanced taste — the same way it reacts with homemade tomato sauce.