Calgary, Alberta, Canada - March 2011. Product shot of a can of Dr Pepper with water droplets. Dr Pepper was created in the 1880s by Charles Alderton of Waco, Texas and first served around 1885.

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This Might Be The Best Type Of Liquor To Mix With Dr Pepper
Many cocktails have been created using Dr Pepper — some intriguing and some quite questionable. While many types of liqueurs have been combined with the popular soda, there’s one type that has been used more frequently than the rest, and that liquor is rum.
Rum — whether light or dark — has a delectable sweetness, which when paired with a soda like Coke makes for an extra sweet cocktail, but with Dr Pepper, you get complex spicy and fruity flavors, instead. The liquor itself can often have flavor notes of smoke and wood, making for a truly unique drink.
Try pairing Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum with Dr Pepper for a drink that amps up the spiciness, or use coconut rum to make tropical cocktails — like Dr. Chia and the Ship’s Doctor. You can also take things up a notch with a Dr. Scola, which mixes Dr Pepper with rum, bitters, orange zest, and Fernet-Branca.