Burrata, Italian fresh cheese made from cream and milk of buffalo or cow. Close-up.

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This Is The Right Way To Eat Burrata Cheese
Burrata is a creamy ball of deliciousness made of a pouch of mozzarella cheese, which is then filled with mozzarella curds and fresh cream. There are multiple ways to enjoy it, but for the best taste, serve it at room temperature and eat it fresh, preferably the same day you buy it.
One of the best ways to enjoy burrata is by serving it with bread or tomatoes and sprinkling sea salt or olive oil on the creamy part. You can also use burrata to replace the mozzarella in Caprese salad or use it in pasta dishes by tearing it up and placing it on top of the pasta.
To use burrata on pizza, add the burrata as soon as the pizza is removed from the oven. Burrata goes well with fruits, but omelet lovers can also enjoy it by adding the burrata to the omelet right before it's finished cooking. To get really fancy, you can use burrata to make grilled cheese.