Hawaiian Style Fried Rice with Fried Canned Spiced Ham, Pineapple and Vegetables

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This Is The Absolute Best Way To Reheat Fried Rice
Leftovers were born sometime during World War I when Americans began hearing of the food scarcity caused by the war. By the time the Great Depression rolled around, keeping leftovers became a practice for survival — and currently, leftovers are experiencing another renaissance as Americans are now unwilling to dispose of edible food (at an increasing rate).
When it comes to reheating fried rice, the best technique is to set it in the microwave (on medium power) and stir it about once or twice at 20-second intervals to avoid any cold spots within the rice as it reheats. To ensure your fried rice doesn't dry out while being reheated, store it in an airtight container and only reheat it once before enjoying it.
To reintroduce some much-needed moisture back into your dish, add two tablespoons of water (or broth) to the fried rice before microwaving it. However, if you're trying to warm your fried rice on the stovetop, add oil to the pan and give it time to warm up on medium heat for about 10 minutes before adding the rice.