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This Classic Was Julia Child's Favorite Soup

Known for her delicious recipes as much as her charm, humility, and 6-foot-3-inch stature, Julia Child was a beloved chef and television personality. She may have introduced people to a diverse palate and a number of cuisines, but this simple, classic soup was her personal favorite.

Julia Child loved many dishes, but she was particularly fond of vichyssoise, a thick, potato-based, chilled soup. The aromatic bowl of goodness can be enjoyed year-round and served as a tasty appetizer or on its own with a side of crusty bread.

Apart from potatoes, the vichyssoise recipe calls for plenty of shallots, leeks, onions, chives, dry white wine, chicken or vegetable stock, vegetable oil, milk, light cream, and salt and pepper to taste. The cream, according to Child, is what will give your soup that rich and velvety texture.

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