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This Baked Potato Order Is A Red Flag For Wendy's Employees

Ever since debuting in the 1980s, Wendy's baked potato has had a reputation for being one of the fast-food chain's healthier options. Of course, customers can customize them with all kinds of toppings, which may put a bit of a damper on the "healthy option" aspect.

However, ordering a “loaded” baked potato is a surefire way to annoy a Wendy’s employee, as there is no such item on the menu. One employee said if a customer ordered this, they would simply ask if the customer wanted a bacon and cheese potato, while another said he would just grab whatever toppings he could find.

If you think ordering a “loaded potato” is annoying, just try ordering a “regular” cheeseburger or something off Wendy’s “secret menu,” as they will lead to the same looks of confusion. When in doubt, just remember to name the toppings that you want.

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