Burger King Drive in road sign


Think Twice Before Ordering These Burger King Menu Items
BK Big Fish Sandwich
A Redditor claiming to be a Burger King employee wrote that they make the number of fish patties that their manager expects the store to sell every morning.
Those patties then sit, sometimes all day, until they sell. However, the employee assured readers that they didn’t sell anything unsafe.
BK staff on Reddit have reported that the dessert machines are rarely cleaned. Although unconfirmed, they claimed they were made with ingredients past their best-by dates.
Reports on WSB-TV emerged that some locations had flunked health inspections after their poorly cleaned ice cream machines were found to harbor mold.
Chicken Fries
Per a Redditor who claims to have worked at Burger King, the poultry for Chicken Fries comes fully frozen, not fresh, and sits in an open fry basket at room temp.
Sometimes, the chicken fries sit out all day. When customers order them, they return to the fryer for 20 seconds to heat and give the illusion of being freshly fried.
Flame-Grilled Burgers
On Reddit, one alleged former BK manager reported that beef patties arrive frozen and raw, and sometimes, improper cooking results in cross-contamination.
Other staff members on Reddit have reported poorly cleaned broilers and other burger-cooking equipment needing more serious attention.
According to a Redditor claiming to be a BK employee, Burger King cheese has a four-hour lifespan, and its container is marked appropriately.
Some employees are allegedly instructed to replace the markers. An employee on Quora said she was told to reuse cheese, tomatoes, and onions from the previous day.