A microwave in a kitchen


The Water Trick That Tells You If A Dish Is Actually Microwave-Safe
Microwaves heat food very differently from ovens, so it can be hard to figure out which dishes are microwave safe. The material can be a clue, but one water test goes even further.
Metal is dangerous in the microwave and hard plastic is fine, but ceramic can be tricky. Before testing the dish, check if there is any indication that the dish is microwave safe.
You’ll need three things: the dish you’re wondering about, tap water, and a microwave-safe bowl to put the water in. Put it in the microwave next to the dish you’re not sure about.
Turn on the microwave for a minute. If the water is hot and your dish is cool, it's safe to use in a microwave, but if the dish is hot and the water is not, your dish is not safe.
You’ll notice that dinnerware which is not safe for the microwave heats up very quickly while your food remains lukewarm. It’s a quick way to figure out which dishes work.