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The Waffle House Hack Reddit Can't Stop Talking About
A Redditor recently shared the waffle he had at his local Waffle House, with the special ingredient the kitchen added to make it look crunchy and quite colorful. It not only looks mouth-watering, but it may invoke a bit of nostalgia as well, because of an evocative topping.
The Reddit post suggests that Waffle House prepared a Fruity Pebbles waffle dish, which means the waffle has a fruity, sugary taste, and crispiness that characterized the cereal. Users commented about how good it looked, and one said that "cereal waffles are so hot right now," while another wrote that's the waffle they needed in their life, with crying (from happiness) emojis.
The post has since been removed for unknown reasons, but Redditors were praising the dish, and some recalled a similar breakfast from their childhood. "The plates gave me a twinge of nostalgia," wrote a user, and another user remembered a Cap'n Crunch French toast their mom used to prepare.