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The Unexpected Place Gordon Ramsay Gets His Olive Oil
As Gordon Ramsay mentioned in an episode of "Gordon's Ultimate Cookery Course" on YouTube, olive oil is the oil he cooks with most frequently. In that same episode, much to everyone’s surprise, Ramsay revealed that he purchases his olive oil from an electrical shop in London's East end, where it's nestled on the shelf amidst various household goods and tools.
The Turkish-born owner of the shop comes from a family that has produced olive oil for centuries, using old-school methods. As he explained in the episode of Ramsay's show, the olive oil he sells is cold-pressed by stone and spun in a centrifugal spinner afterward so that only the highest quality oil ends up bottled.
Though you may not be able to make the trek to London to buy the exact olive oil Ramsay recommends, you can still take a cue from the shop owner for how to enjoy high-quality olive oil. He suggests mixing the oil with a bit of oregano and then using it as a dipping sauce for some fresh, crusty bread, allowing the natural flavor notes of the olive oil to shine.