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The Unexpected Hack That Makes It So Easy To Cut Kernels Off A Corn Cob
There are folks who like to scrape the kernels off the cob, enjoying the delicious golden nuggets without dealing with the solid cob below. If you're one of those types of corn enjoyers, this easy hack will have you enjoying golden kernels without stress or mess.
All you need for removing kernels from a cob of corn is a knife and a Bundt cake pan to place the cob upright in the center of the cake pan. After shucking the cob free of any husks or strings, ensure that the cob fits somewhat snugly into the hole in the raised center, allowing the cob to be secure while you remove the kernels.
Elise Bauer of Simply Recipes recommends taking your knife and, in "long, downward strokes," slicing the kernels of corn from the cob, which will fall into the cake pan below, where you can then remove them when finished. While it may take a bit of practice, Bauer explains, it can become a very easy process for getting fresh corn kernels.
There's another way to scrape kernels that involves the back of a utensil and one's thumb, per Something's Cooking with Alpa. Place the handle of a fork or spoon between the rows of corn, gently prying the kernels loose from the cob, and once loosened, slide your thumbs behind the kernels so they fall out.