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The Trick For Easily Flipping Eggs Is Already In Your Kitchen Cabinet

Many things can go wrong when flipping eggs, like piercing the yolk with your spatula or flinging them out of the pan. To avoid disaster, try this TikTok tip that uses a pot lid.

In the video posted by @notjustbored1214, someone slides four sunny-side-up eggs onto the inside of a pot lid and seamlessly flips them from the lid back onto the pan.

The trick helps the eggs remain intact without any spillage. The lid acts as a gigantic spatula that you don't have to shovel underneath the eggs, which could risk puncturing them.

Use enough butter or oil to create a non-stick surface and help the eggs easily slide onto your lid. Keep the temperature to a medium-high so you don't burn the oil or your eggs.

The same TikTok video features another hack, which requires you to add some oil and a bit of water to your heated pan, crack your egg, and then place a curved pot lid on top.

As the heat from the pan turns liquid into steam, your fried egg will continue to cook evenly as the heat spreads so that the whites still bounce but the yolks stay nice and runny.