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The Tragic Childhood Of Tiffani Faison

Chef Tiffani Faison made a name for herself in the culinary world on the first season of "Top Chef,” where her dynamic personality and strong work ethic made her stand out. She's also the head chef and owner of multiple restaurants, but her life has not been an easy one.

In an interview with Boston Magazine, Faison revealed she had a rough childhood. Since her father was in the US military, they moved around constantly, making it difficult for her to make friends, and some bullied her about her clothes.

Faison’s father was a heavy drinker, and her parents divorced when she was in high school. Her father also revealed that she had a half-brother, and added insult to injury by trying to convince her that he had told her before.

Faison struggled with her sexuality during her teens, and she felt ashamed when she came out to her mom, who had trouble understanding it. The openly queer chef said that volunteering and reading LGBT newspapers helped her embrace that part of herself.

With time, Faison has seemingly been able to heal from some of the wounds she experienced as a child. In 2007, Faison met her wife and business partner, Kelly Walsh, although the two have since separated.