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The Time 'Funeral Potatoes' Tanked A MasterChef Wannabe's Audition
Many home chefs find a spot on a national television cooking competition and even go on to become celebrity chefs — others do not. When “Farmer Randy” Twyford of Twyford BBQ and Catering auditioned to be a contestant on MasterChef, though, his dish, “funeral potatoes,” left him in the dirt.
Funeral potatoes are a typical spud-based casserole in Western and Southern cuisine, and they can be made in a lot of different ways. Farmer Randy presented his mother’s recipe for funeral potatoes to the MasterChef judges on a pig plate, and described them as "the best loaded potato you ever had."
The judges, however, did not take well to the dish — Gordon Ramsey found it too runny and said it looked like “cow dung topped with cheese,” while Joe Bastianich called it “caveman food.” Despite the harsh dismissal, Randy claims on his Facebook page that his cheesy potatoes are his food truck’s “#1 side.”