Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - March 25, 2012: Wendy's Restaurant Signage with restaurant in background.  Classic signage featuring Old Fashioned Hamburgers and a promotion for their Spicy Asiago Chicken Combo.  Wendy's is an international fast food chain restaurant founded in 1969, in Columbus, Ohio, United States and now has close to 7,000 locations (as of March, 2012).

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The Sweet Reason Wendy's Iconic Hair Color Changed In Canada
Wendy's Canada recently posted the new gray hair color of the chain’s logo on Twitter with the phrase, "A star is a star, regardless of hair color." While Wendy's didn't directly say that this change was in support of a certain CTV national broadcaster, they were mentioned in a hashtag below the image.
News anchor Lisa LaFlamme made headlines for being fired from CTV for deciding to let her hair turn its natural gray rather than dye it. While Bell Media said the choice to let LaFlamme go was due to "changing viewer habits," the head of CTV News was recorded asking who approved letting "Lisa's hair go grey [sic]."
Some Twitter users appeared disgusted at Wendy’s Canada for using LaFlamme’s dismissal as a marketing tactic, others, however, were supportive of the change. One person responded to the post with, "Age, Color of hair should never be part of work at all. [...] Wendy, I love the new grey just like i liked the red."