Pile of Starbucks sandwiches


The Starbucks Loaded Egg Sandwich Hack Is The Best Way To Start The Day
TikToker @angelycaleeanne, who is presumably a Starbucks employee, shared their hack for making their favorite egg sandwich out of Starbucks items.
The hack features a Starbucks grilled cheese sandwich and bacon egg bites, as well as a side of avocado spread for dipping. She starts by grilling the grilled cheese.
Then, she cuts two of the bacon egg bites in half and adds them in between the two slices of bread. The creator then dips the sandwich into the avocado spread.
One follower commented, “Omg that looks so good.” Another user had their budget in mind, “Loo[k]s so delish but that's probably a $15 [breakfast] sandwich.”