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The Snack Ina Garten Suggests Pairing With "Be My Guest"


Ina Garten’s upcoming show, “Be My Guest,” has fans extremely excited to see more of the celebrity chef’s signature laid-back cooking style and entertaining advice. Garten even has advice for her fans on what food and drink they should have at a “Be My Guest” viewing party.

Garten recommends her recipe for toast spread with fig jam and goat cheese, along with a glass of Chablis, a crisp Chardonnay from north-central France. The recipe is classic Barefoot Contessa, made with just a few high-quality ingredients that come together beautifully.

While Garten recommends Dalmatia’s fig spread, sweeter fig jam or preserves can also be used. The sweetness is balanced by the tangy goat cheese, and garnished with fig slices and microgreens. Another variation of Garten’s recipe calls for homemade fig jam and orange zest for garnish.

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