Chili con carne - traditional mexican minced meat and vegetables stew in tomato sauce in a cast iron pan on a dark blue slate, stone or concrete background. Top view with copy space.


The Slept-On Garlic That's The Secret Ingredient For More Delicious Chili
Chili is the perfect dish for the chilly fall season, and you can enhance any variation of the classic dish with black garlic, which adds an umami flavor and notes of sugar.
Due to the saltiness of ground beef, chili serves as an excellent introduction to black garlic's umami taste. Black garlic is regular garlic that’s been aged until it turns black.
Black garlic has a gummy texture and a less spicy, bitter flavor. This rich profile pairs well with other chili ingredients and contrasts the savory elements with sweetness.
Slice black garlic thinly and add it to dishes like soups, pasta, or pizza. Try blending it and using it in salad dressings and sauces or turn the garlic into seasoning powder.