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Instagram user Jonathan Massaad recently shared his Big Mac hack to improve the ratio of bun to meat. Massaad suggests taking off the top bun, flipping the middle bun and top patty over, and making the middle bun the top bun of the sandwich.

One Redditor found that an easier and less messy way of getting rid of the middle bun is to simply ask them to leave it out. The employee taking the order will add a "special request" and note that the customer has asked for no center bun.

However, many feel that the size of the Big Mac patties have been shrinking over the years, and they do not want to pay the same price without the middle bun. One user on Massaad's post stated, "Never waste," while another noted, "So you're teaching the public to waste food."

Serious Eats suggests another hack, called the Poor Man’s Big Mac, which involves just ordering a Double Cheeseburger or McDouble — whose patties are the same size as the Big Mac — and then asking for no ketchup or mustard, but adding lettuce and Mac sauce.