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The Shocking Reason An Olive Garden Employee Was Reportedly Fired
Olive Garden’s unlimited soup and salad deal might be a beloved item for the customers, but it makes the job harder for servers, thanks to additional trips to the kitchen. One such exasperated employee even took to TikTok to complain about customers who order the special, but unfortunately, she faced some unexpected consequences for her video.
The TikToker was allegedly fired after she posted a video where she complained about Olive Garden’s unlimited soup and salad deal, which gathered a million views and more than 1500 comments. The caption reads, “If you work at Olive Garden, I am so sorry. We go through it because of you soup and salad mfs.”
In the video, the TikToker — who is wearing her Olive Garden uniform and may be filming at work — rolls her eyes and shakes her head. In an interview with Daily Dot, she said that some customers order “4 to 5 bowls of soup” and then refuse to tip, which prompted her reaction.
The comment section wasn’t unanimous — while other food industry workers agreed that customers rarely tip accordingly, the rest of the commenters were divided between being supportive and annoyed. Many said that they don’t tip servers, and when the employee said that she had been fired, some said that it was her own fault for complaining online.