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The Restaurant That Says It's The Filet Mignon Of Chicken
Florida’s Huey Magoo’s restaurant bills its chicken tenders to be “the filet mignon of chicken.” Take a look at why Huey Magoo's raves about the quality of their chicken, listing their tenders as “all-natural, with no antibiotics ever, no hormones, no steroids, and no preservatives.”
Huey Magoo’s began in 2004 when its founders Matt Armstrong and Thad Hudgens discovered their love for chicken tenders and serving people when they met in Mississippi. The business started off slow, but the focus on serving the best chicken tenders helped the restaurant gain the partnership of Wingstop’s Andy Howard.
The Spectator’s 2021 review of the restaurant praised the juicy and tender chicken and the sauce it was served with, noting that Huey Magoo’s employees also did their best to make the reviewer feel welcome. The chain’s franchisee Buck Harris stated that during his time at Huey Magoo’s, he was “very focused on customer service and food quality.”