salad and dressing being poured onto it


The Reason Salad Dressing On The Side Is A Bad Sign At Restaurants
If you order a salad at a restaurant and it comes out with the dressing on the side, that’s a sign the time wasn’t taken to properly prepare it and it will most likely taste bland.
Salads often taste better at restaurants since they typically prepare them by mixing the dressing and the ingredients so each bite is lightly coated with the delicious seasoning.
This is why dressing on the side is alarming. Usually, the dressing barely coats the entire salad, resulting in the customer having to ask for more while the salad grows mushy.
Dressing on the side breaks the salad mixing rule that many restaurants follow, which is to use two different types of dressing.
Some restaurants will use a light vinaigrette to mix their salads, ensuring an even distribution of flavor. From there, you can top the salad with a thicker dressing like Caesar.
To properly mix the salad, the dressing should be mixed in before the other ingredients. It should also be mixed by hand to ensure a light coating on every piece of lettuce.