A mug of coffee atop coffee beans


The Reason Diner Coffee Tastes Different In A Weird Way
If you’re a regular coffee drinker, you can probably tell the difference between brews. You might know that when it comes to diner coffee, it never seems to taste quite right.
Many people have theorized how American diners achieve their distinct coffee flavor. One possibility is the mixture between overroasted grounds and a weak ratio of coffee to water.
Diners are typically open for long hours, so the coffee sits atop the burner for hours, which creates that day-old taste. Diners also usually use cheap robusta beans over arabica.
Robusta coffee beans usually contain double the caffeine of their superior counterparts, but the more you roast these beans, the more caffeine they lose and the harsher they taste.
The coffee beans are typically roasted at too-high temperatures in order to make brews quicker. Still, the truth about diner coffee is that it’s nostalgic and comforting.