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The Real Reason Kudos Disappeared
Hugely popular in the 1990s, the chocolate covered granola bars called Kudos went through a reinvention in May 2011 with new flavors that mixed in popular Mars candy bars, including Dove and Snickers. But then, all of the sudden, Kudos vanished and Kudos lovers everywhere were distraught. So, what happened?
Delish speculated that the trend of "healthy" snacks that were not candy, was the death knell for Kudos. The producer, Mars, never produced a formal statement explaining why they took Kudos off the market. However, in 2017 on Facebook, the brand replied to one consumer regarding the Kudos withdrawal: The product has unfortunately been discontinued — our apologies for any inconvenience!"
"Inconvenience" certainly feels like an understatement to die-hard Kudos lovers as Reddit user Swim2014 posted, "These were my breakfast from 7th grade to senior year of high school,". Reddit user Thats_Coolio wondered, "Did anybody else intentionally let the peanut butter ones melt over your fingers so you could lick that [stuff] off?"