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The Potential Link Between Air Fryers And Cancer You Should Know About
Recent tests on air fryers in Hong Kong found that there were cancer-producing chemicals in certain models — french fries cooked in these machines, for example, contain acrylamide, which can be harmful if consumed in large quantities. Some french fries contain as much as 7038 mg/kg, which is significantly above the European Union benchmark of 500 mg/kg.
Although air frying is supposed to lower the risk of acrylamide formation compared to other methods, cooking starchy food like potatoes at high temperatures will cause an acrylamide-producing reaction — regardless of the method you choose. However, with foods like chicken, acrylamide levels were greatly reduced compared to traditional frying methods.
If you want to continue enjoying air-fried food, one extra measure of caution you should take is to conduct some of your own research and thoroughly check the air fryer model you're getting. Consumer Council states that among the 12 models that were tested, the lowest producing machine produced 102 mg/kg.